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Global Logistics Manager

From Transportation to Logistics

Between the 1980 deregulation and the 911 Homeland Security re-regulation, there existed a unique period in American logistical and commercial history that has come and gone . . . and can never come again.

- This book recounts the era of the rise of modern logistics with its computerization, security issues,  revolution-ary software, RFID, and documents the various industry conventions as the newly deregulated transportation industry transitioned into today's modern logistics practice.

- Heavily footnoted with 30 year updated inflation samples, the book recounts the industry's twists and turns  using the author's numerous "you are there" trade press articles.

- The book also includes fun facts and pictures on Circus Ramp history, WWII pilot Butch O'Hare's story as America's first Naval Ace, and the Beatles Rock Band's quiet PanAm jet controversy. 

- The book covers major players like President Grover Cleveland as the father of the Interstate Commerce Commission (I.C.C.), Congressman Harley Staggers as America's rail deregulator, and containerization pioneer Malcolm McLean.

With 55 pictures and nine illustrations.

About the author:

Mr. Seeds has been published approximately 80 times among six different publishers in the USA and Europe. 

He remains America's most published Global Logistics Manager during this period who was not a journalist.

ISBN/EAN13: 1508649812 / 9781508649816 / Page Count: 224 / Binding Type: Perfect / Trim Size: 6" x 9